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Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji Digital Coach SEO Expert Aligarh India

Hey, Welcome to this blog post. I am creating this post just to introduce myself. And, become more transparent to the people who are joining me as my learners or as my clients. I cater to a few people and learners. However, I believe my community should know about Sunil CHaudhary who belongs to Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India and made it quite big at the National and International levels.

Sunil Chaudhary Aligarh

I belong to a small village called Mangarhi urf Nagla Maan-Sujan. It is in Aligarh on Gonda-Aligarh road. This road is also called Netaji Amichand Singh Road. My village does not have much population. It is under 2000. However, the best thing about my village is it is located on road. That is a big relief and a major factor that we could make some better progress. Yes, road connectivity makes a great difference.

Another good thing about my village is it is part of Lagasama. What is so special about Lagasama? Although I am not the right authority to tell about Lagasama, I would mention that People who belong to Lagasama are progress-oriented and have a futuristic approach. Apart from being Brave and Hardworking, we strive for progress.

My Father Did That

My father being from Lagasama always planned really cool and futuristic for me. He sent to me Delhi NCR and I completed my education till 5th from Cambridge Public School and 8th from Ashok Memorial Public School. Both schools were top-rated in terms of education as well as co-curricular activities.

Therefore, you can see my foundations were created in a world-class environment. I can never be enough thankful for what my parents gave me.

You know what, after completing my 8th class, I was kind of semi-independent as I started making decisions and assisting my father.

So, I made a few decisions and completed 10 from Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Gonda Mor, Aligarh and completed my 12th in Agriculture from Lagasama Inter College, Gonda, Iglas, Aligarh.

After completing my 12th education, I joined CCS SDS College in Iglas, Aligarh.

cut short, I completed my B.A. in Pol.Sc., Economic, Eng Litt, and Eng Lang in 2006.

Professional Career

Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji India's Leading Digital Coach
Sunil Chaudhary, Aligarh – India’s Leading Digital Coach

From Aligarh, I went to Delhi NCR Again in 2006. There I joined some short courses and got my first job in 2006 in Stracon Back Office Solutions which later became OMNIA BPO Services and shifted to Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

In 2006 December, I jumped to another job at Aegis BPO Services, Sector 16, Noida.

In 2007, just after 10 months of working with Aegis BPO, I got an opportunity with IBM Daksh where I worked for 2 years and could achieve Platinum Performance award for 6 months in a row. Also, Bronze performer for a few months in a row. So, you can understand what would have happened.

After becoming a bronze performer and serving the recession of 2008 and 2009, thanks to IBM’s policies, I could crack interviews and assured jobs for me in two companies, Hewitt Associates and Mercer India. Both had the same process but Mercer India offered a better salary, so, I joined Mercer India.

At Mercer, I worked for 3 years with mixed performance but I was completely satisfied.

– Sunil Chaudhary

Then in 2012, I joined Fidelity Investments in Bangalore. That was a kind of a Dream job at that time for Millions of people in India. I enjoyed My Job, Bangalore city, Visits to Nearby Hills, and the Malls of Bangalore. I need to mention that I enjoyed Idli and Dosas a lot on Indira Nagar Road.

Seems I was not made for a job after all. Even though I was above average and sometimes top performer in my jobs, my attitude was to lead and coach. That attitude did not go well with my seniors and managers most of the time. They did appreciate me for my skills but most of the time I suffered hypocrisy.

I realized that if companies like IBM Daksh, Mercer India, and Fidelity Investments cannot cope with these mundane problems, no other company can even think of them. Some exceptions can be, I can only imagine Google or Facebook. Still, you need to understand, you are working for them.

So, keep your attitude in your pocket and try to be a good YES Man along with some super useful skills.

– Sunil Chaudhary

Well, I finally decided to make it on my own. So, I started a coaching centre in Aligarh by the name of TAMS Studies. TAMS Studies was successful as I had a lot to share with learners and job seekers.

While trying to make TAMS Studies more successful, I learnt SEO and Digital Marketing Skills. Based on them, I started, a business directory and Digital Marketing Agency.

We did well and faced a lot of problems as well. when I look back I appreciate that I could make a way here and crossed all hurdles.

After Corona Pandemic, I could transform myself into a Digital Coach with the help of my coaches and my passion to do something.

Since, 2021, I am continuously helping people in making a Digital Career. I am now doing everything from Aligarh with my Laptop and internet connection.

I have a FREE Course for You if you are interested in Building a Digital Career for Yourself. Join HERE.

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