How I was Nomenclatured as Suniltams Guruji?

How I was Nomenclatured as Suniltams Guruji?

How I was Nomenclatured as Suniltams Guruji? How I got my name Suniltams Guruji.

In 1998, I was in a free period of 9th class. I got worried about what would be the name of the Business In case I become a business owner.
Normally, people think about starting a business and then giving a name to it.

My worry was naming the Business Empire and I was damn sure that I would become a great business owner someday.

So, I was brainstorming alone about the name. I decided to have a name with the initials of the names of the members of my family.

Initials are A, T, M, and S.

Then I had to arrange the letters in such a way that is easy and good to pronounce.

So, I had a few options as mentioned below:

  1. ATMS
  2. SMAT
  3. MATS
  4. TAMS

After thinking for long 7 minutes, I zeroed on TAMS.
Still, I did not stop.
I decided on the complete name.
That was…
TAMS Enterprise

Great. That was it in 1998.

When I was working in Mercer India, Gurgaon in 2010 and when my manager and one of my close friends made my life feel like HELL, I decided to start my Coaching Institute. So, I created a Facebook Page TAMS Studies. I thought It is better to create a Facebook page so some people keep joining it. So, you can see I was pro in Marketing and Digital Marketing both.

Then I got a job in Bangalore and that job was an awesome one.

  1. Cab
  2. High-quality food
  3. sports
  4. holidays
  5. events
  6. fun
  7. bonus
  8. sat-sun off
  9. good salary
  10. Great work environment
  11. great future potential
  12. Everything an employee can expect or wish was there. But the seed of business was growing within.

So, I resigned on Jan 30, 2014, from the Job and came to my hometown after 25 Years.

I stated TAMS studies as my coaching institute and I was quite happy. That was another thing that my family, friends, and relatives really felt bad about.

Now I started participating in the local Baniya Union called Aligarh Udhyog Vyaparn Manda.

People in this community add the business name to your name in order to remember you. So, people are mentioned below:

  1. Manav Mahajan Hotel
  2. Sourav Baljiwan Ghutti
  3. Anu Biddi
  4. Mahesh Petha
  5. Harikishan Masala
  6. Shankar Cement

All these are names from this group. So, you see Mahajan, Baljiwan, Biddi, Petha, Masala, and cement, these words refer to business. My name was Sunil TAMS because my business name was TAMS Studies.

So, these people called me Suniltams and my students called me guruji. Normally, in western Uttar Pradesh, student calls their teacher Ma,Saab or Guruji.

So, I got my name Suniltams Guruji.

Hope you Like this!!

Please comment below about your thoughts on this.

How I was Nomenclatured as Suniltams Guruji?

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