Google Passage Ranking

Google Passage Ranking Tips Hacks by SEO Coach Sunil Chaudhary

Google Passage Ranking Tips Hacks: Google Passage Ranking is a feature introduced by Google in late 2020. It focuses on understanding and ranking specific passages within a webpage, rather than just the overall content of the page. This means that even if your entire page may not be highly relevant to a particular query, a … Read more

Keywords for High Adsense Income

Keywords for Adsense Income

Keywords for High Adsense Income:┬áTo maximize your AdSense income, it’s essential to focus on generating high-quality traffic and targeting profitable niches. Here are some keywords and strategies that can potentially help increase your AdSense earnings: Keywords for High Adsense Income High CPC (Cost Per Click) Keywords: Certain keywords are known to have higher ad bids, … Read more