Happy Rakshabandhan Poem

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Happy Rakshabandhan Poem




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Upon the tapestry of time, a bond so dear,
Rakshabandhan’s arrival, a moment to revere,
Siblings united by love’s sweet embrace,
In this tapestry of life, a cherished grace.

A thread of love, both sacred and pure,
Tied on wrists, memories to secure,
Sisters’ prayers like whispered winds do fly,
Brothers’ promise to protect, reaching high.

Oh, Rakshabandhan, festival of the heart,
Where distances lessen, no matter how far apart,
The thread of affection forever shall bind,
In the corridors of love, our souls entwined.

With laughter and joy, families convene,
A celebration of love, like a timeless scene,
Sweets and gifts exchanged with care,
Love’s melody resonating in the air.

Brothers and sisters, a tale so true,
In every hug and smile, a love to renew,
Happy Rakshabandhan, in its radiant hue,
A celebration of the bond, forever to value.



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