Class Plus App Platform Review

Disappointing Experience with Class Plus – Lackluster Sales Team

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1 out of 5 stars)


I recently had the unfortunate experience of interacting with the sales team at Class Plus, and I must say, it was far from impressive. As an experienced technical coach, I expected a professional and knowledgeable approach from the team, but I was sorely disappointed.

Class Plus App Platform Review

Upon watching a video where the sales team interacted with a technical coach, it became evident that they had nothing substantial to offer. It was disheartening to witness their inability to engage in a meaningful conversation or provide any convincing arguments about the product’s features and benefits. It was as if they were ill-prepared and lacked any depth of knowledge about their own system.

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Class Plus seems to have created a substandard system that preys on unsuspecting teachers and coaching centres, solely for the purpose of making money. The lack of substance in their sales team’s pitch raises serious concerns about the credibility and effectiveness of their platform.

In terms of affordability, I find it difficult to even discuss the price when the features provided are of such little value. Investing in Class Plus would be a waste of money, considering their ineffective sales team and lacklustre product offerings. The question of whether it is value for money becomes irrelevant when the features themselves are not useful or up to the mark.

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I strongly advise others to watch the video I mentioned earlier and judge for themselves. It serves as a clear warning to steer clear of Class Plus. There are undoubtedly better alternatives available that provide a more reliable and comprehensive solution for teachers and coaching centres.

In conclusion, my review for Class Plus is a resounding “NO.” Save yourself the frustration and disappointment by exploring other options that actually deliver on their promises.

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