All Balloons Would Be Protected

Recently, I came across an exciting video where an event organizer tells a group of people they will play a game with balloons. He gave them a balloon each and explained that he would blow the whistle indicating the start of the game, and the person, who retained his balloon till the end when the whistle was blown again, would be the winner. “No Balloon Would Have Burst” No Balloon Would Have Burst As soon as he blew the whistle, all the contestants pounced upon each other to burst the other one’s balloon. Every participant was in a state of … Read more


Sunil Chaudhary Aligarh

Hey, Welcome to this blog post. I am creating this post just to introduce myself. And, become more transparent to the people who are joining me as my learners or as my clients. I cater to a few people and learners. However, I believe my community should know about Sunil CHaudhary who belongs to Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India and made it quite big at the National and International levels. Sunil Chaudhary Aligarh I belong to a small village called Mangarhi urf Nagla Maan-Sujan. It is in Aligarh on Gonda-Aligarh road. This road is also called Netaji Amichand Singh Road. My … Read more


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