Which LMS is Good For New Digital Coaches?

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If you are planning to become a digital coach, you need a lot of tools. One of the most important tools is LMS. LMS stands for Learning Management system. This is where you upload your recorded lessons, your students ask questions, and you post updates.

Which LMS is Good For New Digital Coaches?

LMS is the ideal place to Manage Your Online Course.

I have been teaching since 2014 as a Director of TAMS Studies and I am quite famous as Suniltams Guruji as well. You can google why I am nomenclature like this.

However, in this post, let me list all the necessary Tools for a Digital Coach:

  • First One is LMS – Learning Management System
  • Online Community – You can create on Facebook Group
  • Immediate Updates – Telegram Channel
  • Youtube Channel
  • Instagram
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • Lead Nurturing Tool – Also called Sales Funnel Tool
  • Payment Gateway or Online Payment Tool
  • Video Recording Tools – Lecture Recording Software
  • Tool for Live Class or Live Webinar – Zoom or Google Meet
  • A well-performing Computer or Laptop
  • A Webcam if not built into a Computer or Laptop
  • A Good Quality Noise Condenser Mic

These are a few things you will surely need as a digital coach in order to be efficient.

I have helped many reputed Coaches Become Digital Coaches. You can check my Testimonials section on Youtube.

The most important tool is LMS which Builds Your Reputation as a Digital Coach.

There are many options in the market like Teachable, Grapjy, Zenler and many more.

I recommend Graphy by Unacademy.


Because it gives you so many features that you are not required to pay for the below-mentioned tools separately.

  • Zoom or Google Meet
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • Funnel Tool
  • Payment Gateway
  • Tools like Zapier and Pabbly

So, you are simply able to save more than 25000 Per month.

You can check Graphy for FREE. Click HERE to try Graphy.

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