Should you include webinars on your resume?

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You can include webinars on your resume if the profile you are applying for requires that.

Webinar skills are the most sought-after skills these days

if you can run a webinar it means you have great communications skills and sales skills

so, it makes great sense to mention webinars on your resume.

When somebody does webinars in a genuine way, they have to go deeper into that subject. Organising a webinar is a skill, next-level communication skill. Not everyone is comfortable organising a webinar.

So, if the profile requires the candidate to give presentations virtually, mentioning webinar skills on a resume is helpful.

A webinar is not the only skill to be mentioned on the resume. It is one of the skills.

Without knowledge, yes without more profound understanding, one cannot organise a class, in the same way, as a webinar.

You can comment on this post in detail and I would be able to provide more about your detailed query.

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